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The Abalone Bar Necklace
The Abalone Bar Necklace
The Abalone Bar Necklace

The Abalone Bar Necklace

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Large rectangle abalone shell on dainty double layered chain.

- The Details -

  • 14k Gold Filled
  • 17.5"+ 2"extender chain
  • Handmade in Santa Barbara
  • Each shell is natural, unique and handpicked with care. Slight variances do occur but, like you, that's what makes them special.
  • *Limited quantities available*

This one is a show stopper. The perfect adornment for this years holiday party, that unique special gift, or just because you love it and need it in your collection. The abalone shell emits hues of green, blue, pink, and black. A definite center piece for any outfit!

- About the Stones -

Not a stone but a shell, abalone carries energies of protection and emotional balance. When you need guidance in a relationship let the abalone shell be your guide. Its soothing energy will help you better approach difficult situations or disagreements in a calm and harmonious way. It also helps sheild you of negativity and helps release toxic emotions, whether from your own innter critic or other forces that enter your space. Meditate while wearing your abalone shell jewelry and you will soak in positivity allowing stress and anxiety to wash away. I will definitely need this stone around the holidays to get me through!