Balance Bracelet - Amethyst
Balance Bracelet - Amethyst
Balance Bracelet - Amethyst
Balance Bracelet - Amethyst

Balance Bracelet - Amethyst

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Gold Filled
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Paperclip chain bracelet with rectangle Amethyst center bead and accents.

- The Details -

14k Yellow Gold Filled
Fits most wrists (6 1/4" at shortest length, 7 1/2" at longest length)
Handmade in Santa Barbara
Each gemstone is natural, unique and handpicked with care. Slight variances do occur but, like you, that's what makes them special.

You'll be glowing in this bracelet, literally. These Amethyst stones are vibrant, powerful and absolutely gorgeous.


14k Gold Filled

Gold-filled jewelry is an economical alternative to solid-gold jewelry. Gold-filled jewelry wears, looks, and lasts like solid-gold because the outer surface is solid-gold. It can be worn daily without fear of tarnishing, is hypoallergenic, and lasts for years.

Amethyst (February Birthstone)

Amethyst is a legendary stone of spiritual protection and purification. This stone aids in meditation and activates psychic abilities. Amethyst expands the mind and improves thought. This stone is grounding and calming yet activates the Third Eye and Crown Chakra. Amethyst is the primary birthstone for February.

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Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Feuerman
Happy Customer

I bought this bracelet to match the necklace. I didn’t even notice in the picture that it has adorable side beads on either side of the focal bead. I love it! I’ve already got many compliments on it!

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