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The Sunset Hues Tourmaline Necklace
The Sunset Hues Tourmaline Necklace

The Sunset Hues Tourmaline Necklace

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Sunset hues of pink, yellow and orange tourmaline handwire wrapped with disc chain and dainty chain necklace.

- The Details -

  • 14k Yellow Gold Filled
  • 18.5" + 2" extender chain (47cm + 5cm)
  • Handmade in Santa Barbara
  • * Limited Quantities Available *

If you love sunsets as much as I do this is the necklace for you. The sparkle of the disc chain even symbolizes the sun! A perfect addition to your jewelry collection or a lovely gift for the lady in your life that loves pink!

- About the Gemstones -

Tourmaline is a natural stone that comes in almost all the colors of the rainbow. It can vary from black, to ruby red, to emerald green. Each color carries a unique meaning, however all tourmaline is known for it's unique healing energy and protection powers. Pink Tourmaline is all about the heart, love, and compassion. It helps guide emotions to self love and rid yourself of old relationship wounds and destructive thoughts.