Anna Janelle Jewelry turns 2!

Anna Janelle Jewelry celebrates 2 years of business! So I thought this milestone deserved a blog post...and if you know me I don't blog, so this is a big deal.

The past 2 years have been a wild ride from Amsterdam to Santa Barbara. Starting my own business in a foreign country with no network was tough with a capital T. I learned SO much about myself and my business in the year and 4 months it was operating in the Netherlands. From surviving markets in below freezing temperatures, to taking jewelry classes taught in Dutch (and I don't speak dutch), the journey wasn't easy. But through the struggles I met some incredible artists, friends, and had experiences that truly made me grow. I wouldn't change any of it for the world.

(At the Sunday Market in my down jacket. I would pack all of my supplies in an extra large suitcase that weighed an insane amount, lug it on the tram, then walk to the market!)

Then, we made the move back to sunny Santa Barbara! And while I thought returning to my home state with a network of friends and family would be easy it still felt a lot like starting over. But day by day and customer by customer I continue to grow and I couldn't be more excited for the future of Anna Janelle Jewelry. I am so grateful for my amazing customers who believe in my designs and make them look amazing on their beautiful bodies! I know in this day an age we have so many choices. But shopping small is important, not just with me but with other local artisans and vendors in your area. We all do a little happy dance when we have a good sales day because that means we can continue doing what we love! Seriously, thank you for choosing to shop with me, know you're a part in making my dreams come true.

(My first pop up back in SB at Armada Wine & Beer. One of my favorite watering holes!)

I have loads of ideas and goals for the coming years but my main mission is to help women look, feel, and BE great. There's something so simple about putting on that necklace or earrings that elevates your look, makes you feel good, and can raise that little voice inside to say "I'm worth it", "I can do this", and give you the courage to speak up, show up, and truly BE great. When you look great you feel great, and when you feel great you can BE great. Year 3 here I come!!

XO Anna Janelle

(I love doing photo shoots because I have SUPER talented photographer friends that make me look good! Photo by Lindsey Drewes.)


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