Miramar Anklet
Miramar Anklet
Miramar Anklet
Miramar Anklet
Miramar Anklet
Miramar Anklet

Miramar Anklet

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14k gold-filled oval rolo chain anklet with hand wire-wrapped gemstones (green strawberry quartz, blue topaz, peridot, citrine, white pearl and aqua chalcedony) dangling all around.

- The Details -

14k Yellow Gold Filled
Available in one size only, Medium
Measures 9-10" long (includes 1" extender to find the perfect fit)
Handmade in Santa Barbara

Each gemstone is natural, unique, and handpicked with care. Slight variances do occur but, like you, that's what makes them special.

Featuring a selection of hand-picked green strawberry quartz, blue topaz, peridot, citrine, white pearl, and aqua chalcedony gemstones, this one-of-a-kind anklet is a showstopper! Inspired by the many shades of summer sun in Southern California, this handcrafted anklet is guaranteed to turn some heads.


14k Gold Filled

Gold-filled jewelry is an economical alternative to solid-gold jewelry. Gold-filled jewelry wears, looks, and lasts like solid-gold because the outer surface is solid-gold. It can be worn daily without fear of tarnishing, is hypoallergenic, and lasts for years.

White Pearl (June Birthstone)

White Pearl Enhances personal integrity. White Pearl brings about feelings of tranquility and promotes faith and honesty. White Pearl helps develop intuition and is a gentle Third Eye Chakra stimulator. White Pearl's are June's primary birthstone.

Citrine (November Birthstone)

Citrine enhances creative imagination and stimulates a sense of playfulness that magnifies the power of manifestation. This stone increases self-confidence and is a powerful stone of abundance. Citrine activates the first three chakras Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus. Citrine is November's primary birthstone.

Peridot (August Birthstone)

Peridot is a protective stone. A stone for new beginnings and for letting go of what no longer serves you. Peridot brings a sense of compassion and understanding for oneself. Peridot harmonizes the Heart Chakra. Peridots are August's primary birthstone.

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz aids in clear communication of the wearer’s deepest feelings. It promotes openness and gives feelings of tranquility. Blue Topaz helps the wearer to be more receptive to love and aids in giving insight into our own inner guidance. Blue Topaz harmonizes the Throat and Third Eye Chakra.

Aqua Chalcedony

Aqua Chalcedony calms the heart and soothes self-doubt. It is a protective gem that encourages the wearer to communicate with an open heart. Aqua Chalcedony promotes kinship and good will and aligns with the Throat Chakra.

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